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Welcome to Candidly Chloe...

I've been planning to launch a "real" blog for years now. I always share my thoughts in captions on social media, but those character limits get me every time. I actually started one back in 2008 before blogging was the thing to do, but I've decided to give it another try. It's time for me to share all of my saved iPhone notes with the world!

Let's get one thing straight for the Grammar Gods. I am not a writer. Am I educated? Yes. Was I a teacher for many years? Yes. However, when I write "candidly" I just go with the flow. Yes, there may be a few grammar issues here and there, but keep it positive.

Candidly Chloe is a place where I can be "free" and allow readers to get to know a little more about me. I'm definitely much more than a 2x2 photo on Instagram or whatever size those pictures are. When people meet me, they usually say "Wow I wasn't expecting you to be so down to earth!" #storyofmylife

Clearly, they didn't know the real me. I needed a place outside of my business world where I could be me, a place where people could ask me questions and I am able to respond and get to know YOU as well. I'll be posting most of my work here from now on, so please subscribe so you see the fun and not so fun things first. My blog will also be more personal and less business as well, so you will get to meet my family and hear funny stories about them. Welcome to Candidly Chloe! "I am very happy to be here" in my Eddie Murphy, Coming to America voice. Hope you're just as happy!

Featured in this photo captured by @promosbymichelle is my one year old, Nolan Noelle. As you can see, she doesn't have a care in the world; just lives life freely. I want to live life like her!

xoxo, Chlo

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