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Souvenirs + Keepsakes

I love a good souvenir and keepsake.

Here are a few of my favorites that I captured on my own from The Pink Palm Resort.

Special shoutout to my fabulous graphics designer for this event, @freelyfatimadesigns.

She thoroughly executed my vision without a doubt!

These VIP wristbands were an easy way for the Cabana Crew and hotel staff to know

who The Pink Palm guests were.

I loved these little Pink Palm passports. Guests knew what was happening at all times.

A personalized touch with the birthday girl's milestones and fun facts.

Handheld fans to cool down in the Texas heat.

Parking lot "POPPIN" goody bags filled with pink popcorn, pink gumballs and popsicles served curbside!

A thank you postcard for all guests to forever remember their time spent at The Pink Palm.

Ok. I'm officially done with The Pink Palm posts. :)

xoxo, Chlo

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