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I Scream for Ice Cream!

When I initially researched The Museum of Ice Cream’s twenty something year old female owner, I instantly became inspired. Talk about modern day Walt Disney. She’s definitely on her way. The creative artist in me wouldn’t stop until I made it here. It was totally worth the flight to San Francisco, hotel stay and $38 per person admission price tag. Plus, I got to visit my favorite restaurants in the Bay, including the Crab House and Thanh Long. We actually got a last minute deal on a hotel at Zephyr, a recently renovated property on the pier. It was a pretty good deal because we were able to walk back and forth to the pier for lunch and dinner or random cravings.

So about tickets if you’re planning on visiting...

Sign up for their mailing list, and AS SOON AS the tickets are released get in the “ice cream queue” to get in line. It’s a very seamless and organized process. Have patience because the queue won’t move like lightning. Just know that they see you though. It took me about 45 minutes and I was in that thang! Yay!

Once you’ve gotten your ticket and made it to the museum, park near Barney’s in San Francisco across from the museum. Head across the street and stand in a short line. Caution: The museum looks a lot larger than it really is. It gets crowded and hot. Wear layers so you can remove a few clothes after entering. Along the way, you will stop for treats; a scoop of ice cream, a pink chocolate dipped ice cream cone before the unicorn display and cotton candy topped with glitter.

Pack your patience while waiting to enter the sprinkle pool. Because it’s the hottest attraction, expect to wait in a line. Suffer from claustrophobia? Take your meds before this part. It’s tight and the pool is not large, but it’s oh so fun. Once your group is called, you will have to remove all shoes, including kids shoes and place your belongings in a locker. The sprinkle pool doesn’t seem deep but be careful when you step foot inside. Your feet will definitely sink causing a slight imbalance (almost took me out). Ha!

Sad to say after the sprinkle pool, your visit is coming to an end. You will visit the swing rooms and it’s a wrap. There’s a small gift shop there, but things are a bit pricey. If you want to splurge on a gold sprinkle crown, go for it! I opted for a $4 Museum of Ice Cream bottled water that reads "Sugar High RX" and once finished, I recycled it when I got home and added sprinkles in the bottle and placed on Nolan's souvenir shelf. Great idea, right?

Hope you enjoy our Museum of Ice Cream photos!

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